Wednesday, 10 October 2012

How to get healthy, glowing skin naturally

Clear and glowing skin is dream for everyone..Everybody wants to look healthy and glowing. Some of us blessed with amazing genes in that case no matter what you are done. We have tried our best to get glowing and clear skin. We have usually seen the girls and ladies spent so much time and money to enhance their looks. Spent so much money to expensive beauty products. There is no harm of these expensive beauty products but Is it brings the satisfactory results? In my opinion the results are not up to that level. What you need to do basically, You should love your skin, your body, you need to understand the demands of your skin. You need to go for right direction, the secret of clear and glowing skin lies in good lifestyle and healthy diet only, nothing else. if your body is healthy from inside it will surely glow from outside.

There are a lot of factors that concern the health of your skin for eg:

• Improper diet
• Improper sleep
• Bad eating habits
• Is your digestive system working properly
• stressed
• constipated

If your skin is affected with this reason then your expensive beauty treatments and beauty products will not do anything. Damage of your skin is internally so you have to cure it in right way.

First of all consult your doctor or dermatologist for best care and advice. You need to concentrate on your healthy diet plan. Take a proper sleep at least 8 hours. If you have any health issue you should consult your doctor for proper treatment. Include fresh fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamins and minerals in your diet. Bad eating habits may spoil your hard work so stay away with junk food and all. Live happy as much you can you need to overcome your stress. If you taking care of these small things you can boost your overall health including your skin and hair texture.

Here are a few effective home remedies for clear glowing skin.

- You can apply fresh aloevera gel on your face . You can plant aloevera at home and take out the gel from its leaves.
- Mix sandalwood powder with rosewater and raw milk apply this once in two or three days. It will enhance the skin tone as well helps to cure acne.
- Drink lots of water follow a routine exercise regime at least thrice a week and eat lots of green vegetables. This will help you avoid pimples and acne thus giving you a flawless clear skin naturally at home.
- Raw milk also helps to increase skin tone, massage your face with raw milk in upward direction.
- To brighten your skin and reduce dark skin spots and scars, apply potato juice on your face. Raw potato is also very useful in reducing tan and sun burn.
- You can steam your face twice a week. Also, it's good to add thyme, peppermint, or lemon (for oily skin); chamomile or lime (for sensitive skin); rose, rosemary, or lavender (for normal skin). Green tea is another good thing to add.

Change your lifestyle in a healthy way..n see the difference….

Editor: C.L Chauhan