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Ye Kasoor kiya hai -- Jism2 - Full Vedio Song with Lyrics

Yeh Kasoor Lyrics..

Yeh kasoor mera hai ke yakeen kiya hai
Dil tere hi khatir rakh chhod diya hai

Yeh kasoor mera hai ke yakeen kiya hai
Dil tere hi khatir rakh chhod diya hai
Tu hi sabse kareeb hai mere
Tu hi mera naseeb hai ab yeh mehsoos kiya hai
Tu hi sabse kareeb hai mere
Tu hi mera naseeb hai ab yeh mehsoos kiya hai
Yeh kasoor mera hai ki yakeen kiya hai
Dil tere hi khatir rakh chhod diya hai

Ik tu hai daulat hai meri
Haasil tu mera
Kitni hai mohabbat tujhse
Be-hisaab wafaa
Hasraton se badhkar apni chaaha tujhe hamesha
Yeh kasoor mera hai ke yakeen kiya hai
Dil tere hi khatir rakh chhod diya hai
Tu hi sabse kareeb hai mere
Tu hi mera naseeb hai ab yeh mehsoos kiya hai

Koi dard raha na dil mein
Na koi khala
Har khwaish poori hui hai
Tujhe paa jo liya
Door mujhse ho na kabhi na
Karna yeh ik ehsaan

Yeh kasoor mera hai ke yakeen kiya hai
Dil tere hi khaatir rakh chhod diya hai
Tu hi sabse kareeb hai mere
Tu hi mera naseeb hai ab yeh mehsoos kiya hai

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SBI Associate Banks 7740 Clerks Recruitment 2012-13

Great news is coming from the SBI,. SBI had announced its Associate Banks Clerk Recruitment 2012.The Total Number of Clerk vacancies that had been advertised under the SBI Associate Recruitment 2012 is 7740.It is significance mentioning here that 5 Associate Banks of SBI .

Total Vacancies: 7740

- State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur: 1400 Vacancies
- State Bank of Patiala: 1160 Vacancies
- State Bank of Mysore: 800 Vacancies
- State Bank of Travancore: 2500 Vacancies
- State Bank of Hyderabad: 1800 Vacancies

All those job seekers who are looking for Clerk Jobs in Banks will have a very good opportunity and they must apply for SBI Associate Recruitment 2012 .

Post Name: Clerks in Associate Banks of SBI
Pay Scale : Rs. 7200-400/3-8400-500/3-9900-600/4-12300-700/7-17200-1300/1-18500- 800/1-19300

On line registration of applications from: 30th July, 2012
Last date for registration of online applications: 13th August, 2012
Payment of fees (off-line): 01st August, 2012 to 17th August, 2012
Payment of fees (on-line): 30th July, 2012 to 13th August, 2012
Dates of written examination: 07th October, 2012 and 14th October, 2012

Bank wise vacancies

For more details kindly check the following Link : Associate Bank-Exam.pdf

Top 20 Best Songs Of Enrique Iglesias

Lets Check out the best hits of Enrique Iglesias -Best Enrique Iglesias Songs: Listen top hit songs of Enrique Iglesias online for free, Best of Enrique Iglesias songs...

Simple and Delicious Eggless Cake

Cakes are one of the favorite and delicious desserts. But when you are allergic to eggs or you are a vegetarian then what to do ? No need to worry you can make the yummy cakes without eggs.Lifestylefundas shared with you simple and delicious eggless cake recipe...


• Maida (Flour) – 2 1/2 cups
• Butter or Ghee – 3 tablespoons
• Milk – 1 cup (room temperature)
• Curds (Yogurt) – 1 cup
• Seedless Dates – 1 cup, finely chopped and mixed with 1 tablespoon flour
• Baking powder – 2 level tablespoon
• Powdered Sugar – 2 cups
• Walnuts, Aprictos – 1 cup
• Vanilla essence – 2 teaspoon


First of all when you have all your Ingredients then you can take powder sugar, and some butter then mix or blend it for 2 to 3 minutes. After that add some milk at room temperature and blend a few second. Now add some curd and blend it again for 1 to 2 minutes. Add some dates for the delicious taste and then vanilla essence and blend it again for few seconds. Sifted maida and baking powder mix and just blend the whole mixture together.

Now take Pan which is suitable for your cake size make its base gressy. Pour in to the well well greased cake and shake it gently. Now you can chop up walnuts and apricots and other nuts which you like. Bake in a heated oven at 190 degrees C for about 40 minutes.

The nice and mouth watering smell starts to coming, You can check the cake with knife cut the one slice with one smooth motion without sticking, means you cake is ready to be served.

Enjoy the delicious eggless cake…..:)

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Best Hits Of Lata Mangeshkar

Catch the best hits of the greatest movie personality in India, Lata Mangeshkar. . The lady who has served the industry for 6 decades. Her singing style was initially reminiscent of Noor Jehan, but she soon overcame that and evolved her own unique style. Her sister, Asha Bhosle, too, came up in the late 1950s and the two of them were the queens of Indian playback singing right through to the 1990s. Her voice had a special versatile quality, which meant that finally music composers could stretch their creative experiments to the fullest.

Regardless of which female playback singer breaks through in any generation, she cannot replace the timeless voice of Lata Mangeshkar. She is an icon beyond icons....

Lifestylefundas Shared with you some best hits of Lata G...

Kumar Sanu and Lata Mangeshkar Best Romantic Collection Ever... In 90's Lata G gives so many romatic hits which are remarkable, her voice increase the romantic sensation More...Lets catch a few... ..

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Coctail-- Second Hand Jwani - Full vedio Song

Catch the latest Hits of Coctail Exclusive songs.......

Desi Daru Song From Movie COCKTAIL -- Full Video

Must Watch the latest hitn now a days featuring Deepika Padukone, Saif Ali Khan & Diana Penty...Dazzling song.. You can watch the full video here:---...


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Satyamev Jayate : Big Fat Indian Wedding

Dowry System in India

Most of the young people having a dream of a grand lavish wedding but the reality behind these expensive wedding is very bad. It shows the dirty face of dowry .The grand celebration in Indian weddings and the heavy dowry demands sometimes make it worst to girl parents. This dirty dowry system of India making brides' lives miserable and full of sorrow. Dowry system is one of the the biggest menaces of the Indian society. How deeply rooted this system is in the Indian society you can see any time in any Indian wedding where wedding means for brides family is to collect dowry with lots of cash and luxury items. Actually Dowry is like black spot in our face. Sadly the stained systems in our country.

As dowry system is one of the hatred systems in India but surprisingly the fact shows that this business is growing day by day. . Marriage is one of the most blessed and holy ceremonies. But the disgust dowry system has made this ceremony one of the feared institutions. Where girls parents are prepared themselves from her childhood to collect the dowry.

Dowry system is an insult to our society. It placed a mark the position of both man and woman. I have seen so many times that so many educated men are demanding dowry. Thus dowry system is also an insult to our education and culture. Poor people cannot afford dowry. Many handsome and brilliant girls remain unmarried because they are poor. Is it the Culture of Our Holy India?? Is it humanity???

Time has changed today’s girls are well educated her parents spent equal money like their boy child for her education. She makes her own identify. So don’t you people think dowry system is responsible for the degradation of women in India? The groom family expects she must bring the lots of cash and luxury items at the time of her wedding and also demands economically help with her job also. Girl’s parents have spent enough money for her bright future, education and side by side at the name of culture ready to take burden of her dowry. Is it fair with the girl and her family??

The solution is only that we educated people need to take some serious steps, the women should concentrate on their education and career rather than concerning marriage as their only way of rescue. Instead of having their parents run after the men of higher status, the women themselves should increase their own status, so that the men run to them, begging the women to marry them. Need to understand the real meaning of Education and Our Holy Indian Culture in spite of fulfills the demands of these greedy Dogs of Dowry….

I really thanks to Mr. Amir Khan for such a inspiring TV show Satyamev Jayate--

Watch Full Episode of Big Fat Indian Wedding -- The Dirty face ---

Editor:- C.L Chauhan

Cocktail -- Tumhi Ho Bandhu --Exclusive Song Video

Catch an exclusive song from Cocktail Tumhi Ho Bandhu sung by Neeraj Shridhar & Kavita Seth featuring Deepika Padukone, Saif Ali Khan & Diana Penty...Lovely song..

You can watch the full video here:---

Moong Dal Halwa Recipe

After the tasty Indian food all indian love to eat sweet dish. If the sweet dish is like Moong Dal Halwa nothing can beat the taste of its. Moong Dal is a Rajasthani North Indian sweet most of the time prepared in winter season. It's very delicious and tastes great during cold winter evenings. So lets catch the recipe of Moong Dal Halwa. …

Ingredients for Moong Dal Halwa :-
Moong - 100 gm
Ghee - 100 gm
Mawa (Khoya) - 50 gm
Sugar - 150 gm
Cashew Nuts - 20 (Cut each cashew into 4 pieces)
Dried Raisins - 20
Cardamom - 4 (Peeled and grinded)
Almonds - 5 (Cut them length wise into small pieces)

Moong Dal Halva Complete Recipe:-

First of all wash the moong dal according to your requirement and soak it in water for 4 to 5 hours.

After 4 to 5 hours pull out the moong dal from water and grind it, without water. Don't grind it too fine. Now heat the frying pan and put 2 or 3 spoon ghee and moong dal in frying pan, then mix with the frying spoon, on medium flame. In 15 to 20 minutes moong dal will be properly cooked (The properly cooked moong dal doesn't stick to the frying pan and you can see the ghee getting separated from moong dal). Moong dal is cooked now.

Put Mawa (khoya) in a separate frying pan and cook on low flame. Then mix it in the moong dal.

Put 100 gm sugar and water in a utensil and heat it on medium flame.When the water starts boiling cook for another 5 minutes on low flame, and prepare a wire like syrup.

Mix this syrup in the moong dal, along with cashew nuts and raisins which makes it more delecious. Now mix this halwa on low flame. In about 5 to 9 minutes halwa will be ready. Now turn off the flame.Its time to get mix the grinded cardamoms in the halwa. Monng Dal halwa is ready to serve now.
Extract the halwa in a bowl and garnish it with almonds and dry fruits which you like. You can serve and eat this hot, great tasting sweet dish.

By-- C.L Chauhan

Source : Moong Dal Halwa Recipe

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Satyamev Jayate : Old Age -- Sunset Years, Sunshine Life

Our parents are the ones who have brought us up and made us what we are. At least
out of consideration for that much, we should be good and kind towards them. But countless people all over India don't think so, going by the numbers of abandoned old people taken in at old age homes. Then there are some older people who take matters into their own hands -- be it romance or adventure sport.

Check Full Video OF Satyamev Jayate : Old Age Episode :-

How to make Vegetable Juice Quickly.

Ingredients: (2 Glasses)
3 Medium size tomatoes
6 Carrots
1 whole beetroot
Handful of fresh mint leaves
1 gooseberry ( for a tangy taste if required)
1 large squeezed lemon
Salt to taste
¼ tea spoon black pepper powder

Method: First of all grind the vegetables in the juicer with the mint leaves carefully. Pour it in the glasses. Now add the lime juice, salt, pepper to the juice and mix it well. Add some mint leaves while serving. Taste the delicious and healthy Vegetable Juice within a few minutes.

By: C.L Chauhan

Home decorating ideas with in a Budget.

Have you feel that your living room is started to look Old?? The color of walls and the room furniture demands to renovate again. Are you looking for change but little bit worried about the cost?? Surely we all want that our dream home is full of all luxury which makes us feels peace and happiness. And of course in your living room you supposed to spent great ideal time of your life. Well…When it comes to home decorating ideas ,your living room options are abundant.You can design and convert your simple living room to your dream room with in your Budget. Yes ..It’s not Magic !...With simple and small tricky tips you can improve your lifestyle with in your budget.Need to be a little smartness only.Whatever your style may be, we have some great home decorating ideas on a budget to help you create the look and feel you really want.Just give your home a designer makeover without the designer price label with these budget-friendly home decorating tips:

Catch the inspiration :- Once you have decided to renovate your living room then its time to take initial step. The first step is to get lots of inspiration and ideas. You have to catch the ideas that how actually you want your living room? You can visit your relatives, friends home if they have some wonderful interiors. Now a days there is lots of online websites and magazines are available with thousands of creative ideas .You can take help of these magazines also for the perfect taste of interiors. Overall conclusion is that the picture should be clear in your mind that actually what you want?? The furniture, accessories and wall colors everything How you want to flawlessly and gracefully?

Don’t alter the Furniture :- Specially when you think home decorating within your budget then first thing you should do that don’t go for buying the new furniture. Unless or until there is very major problem with your furniture. Lots of alternate to give your old furniture a new look. You can repoilsh them easily. If we talking about the sofa set or chairs then you can also decorate them with new cushion and pillow. The sofa set new accessories may increase the beauty of these pieces again if you have right selection. And same condition for your bedding, just decorate them with the right bed sheets and pillow or some show case in the back side wall. Surely you will get ride of boring look of your living room without harming your pocket so much.

Create It Modern:- The big change in your living room with full modern touch is not dream for you now. You can do it without spending big bucks easily. You have to be little awareness, modern home decoration demand the little interest and awareness of yours. Living room decor that is including of modern clocks or sculptures that make good use of shiny metals and other modern design elements can really provide an aesthetic change. You can get the color combo and the matching show case for your living room easily.
You have to consider replacing old knick knacks with beautiful, affordable vases, collectible porcelain figurines, or even elegant candle holders. Decorative desk items can set off a computer desk or office area wonderfully only thing is necessary ie your creativity and smartness. Living room decor changes can have a huge impact on the way you feel about your home, and you will find that you don’t have to spend a fortune to bring about your intention.

Even the little change in your living room can impact a lot. Don’t feel like decorating ideas on a budget have to mean shopping at frugality stores or sacrificing quality for affordability. With the right essentials, you can create a beautiful look for any living room without contravention the bank account.

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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Delhi Metro Rail Recruitment 2012

DMRC “A joint venture Company with equity participation from Govt. of India and Govt. of National Capital Territory of Delhi “is going to recruit Assistant Managers. Eligible candidates have to apply through given application format on or before 02-08-2012.

Vacancy Details ----

Name of vacancy: -- Assistant Managers
Detail of Vacancies: - Assistant Manager (Operations)—7(UR-5, OBC-1, SC-1)
Assistant Manager (Stores/Material Management)—1(UR-1)
Assistant Manager (Human Resource)—2(UR-1, OBC-1)
Assistant Manager (Legal)—2(UR-1, OBC-1)

Age Limit: - Maximum 28 years as on 01-07-2012.
Educational Qualification: - BE/B.Tech (Civil/Electrical/Electronics/Mechanical) with 75% Marks.
Two years Full time MBA with first division.

Fee detail: - For General and OBC candidates—325
For SC/ST—75
Applicants are required to make payment of the fee in the form of crossed Demand Draft drawn in favour of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited, payable at New Delhi.

How to apply
Applicants have to download the application form and fill all required details. All qualification certificates with demand draft has to be send via speed post to Executive Director (HR),Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd, Metro Bhawan, Fire Brigade Lane, Barakhamba Road.

For more details visit..

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Give Your Bedroom a Romantic Look !

In our dally life routine considering that we spend a major part of our life in our bedroom, we should make it one of the most comfortable area in our homes. This is the only place where It's where we begin and end our day,". After marriage specially if you are are newly married or are about to enter into the newly wedding harmony, you would definitely want your bedroom to exemplify the romance and love that you feel. As newlyweds, you definitely deserve a bedroom fit for newlywed couple. It should be neat and organized but not at all boring. Because in this beautiful place you are going to be spent special moments of your live. The lovely journey, the first footstep of being soul mate of newlywed is considering the special demands for being a precious moment of your life forever. You can do a lot to increase and maintain the romantic harmonization of your bedroom. Once done, you will beyond doubt not feel the need visit resorts and hotels to enjoy the romantic wisdom. Your bedroom can be the most romantic place in the world. Newlywed Couples room should be like that spells romance and makes you feel good as soon as you pace inside –This is the only a space that enhance your Romantic sense.
Before the wedding ceremony If you can’t afford to renovate your entire house, you should still pay attention to the bedroom because that’s where the magic happens – and you start your new life off on the right foot. in spite of of the size of your budget, you can still make small changes to your bedroom that will make a huge difference in every aspects.

So, what do you need to make your boudoir a cozy love nest? Catch a few tips here….

Be careful about Wall Color :- The color choice of your room s the main thing I guess. Because it spells the first feel when you enter the room. You must be avoid the very hot colors, always use kind of colors which refresh your mood and make you refresh while you enter your bedroom. The wrong selection may spoil your all efforts. Go for wall texture, and soothing light color combo. Couples should discuss with each other and decorate your dream living room with the feelings of love and creativity.
Make it look Enormous with Stunning Bed :- A bed is not only the piece of furniture of your bedroom but a bed can make the romantic vibes of a bedroom, if you are heaving a right choice. Check the comfortable level in priority and then the design and look. The size of the bed does not matter as much as the quality of bedding and bedding accessories such as cushions, pillows and bedspreads. Be careful about the right selection of mattress. Soft bedding will surely enhance your comfortable and the romantic ambiance as well.

Right Choice of Bedding accessories :- The color combination of bedding accessories is not so much multicolored combo. Go for bed sheets of hot colors such as deep reds, purples, rust or royal blue with light detailing in a homogenous color can work magically. Always use best quality cotton bed sheets to keep maintain your health and comfort zone. For special occasions, you can use bed sheets of silk and satin. The smooth feel that the sheets create can shoot the romantic quotient up by several notches. With the right bed sheets and pillow you can easily grasps the speculate moments.

Lighting:-As The right kind of lighting can help to create a romantic atmosphere .The soothing lighting effect can boost up the romantic swings of your mood. Candles can work magically—they are just defining the true sensation of romantic feelings. So much bright bulbs must be avoided. The dim and soft lights are the ideal convent to give your bedroom a complete romantic look. Of course, table and floor lamps are essential.
Furniture and accessories :- Always avoid the unwanted furniture and things that you do not use. Make the bedroom airy and spacious. Ensure that sheets are not stained and the headboard is not dust ridden. The curtains selection showcases all these small efforts help a lot to keep maintain your romantic life.

At last but not least…Romance is very intensely linked with good quality smell. The perfect use of aromatic candles, room fresheners, incense sticks and scented sachets make your bedroom more fun doing! The gentle smell can be great for creating a romantic feel.

Editor: C.L Chauhan

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

IDBI Bank Recruitment 2012

IDBI Bank Recruitment going to recruit 500 Executive vacancies on contract basis at its different Branches and Offices. Eligible candidates have to apply through prescribed application format on or before 23-07-2012.

Vacancy Details
Name of vacancy:--Executive
Number of Vacancies:-500(SC-75, ST-37, OBC-135, PWD-15)
Age Limit:-25 years.
Educational Qualification:- Graduate Degree in any discipline from any recognized University.

Fee detail: - For General and OBC candidates—400
Applicants are required to make payment of the fee in cash at any of the branches of IDBI Bank Ltd. (IDBI Bank) or State Bank of India (SBI).

How to apply

1. Applicants should visit website and open link Recruitment. Take print out of FEE payment challan
2. Go to nearest IDBI Bank or State Bank of India branch with duly filled payment challan.
3. Before apply online make sure you have scanned image of photo and signature and fee payment detail.
4. Retain three copies of payment challan to be submitted at the time of Written Test.

Important Dates:-
Cut of date for eligibility criteria-01-08-2012
Payment of Fee: 10-07-2012 to 23-07-2012
Online Registration: 10-07-2012 to 23-07-2012
Date for Pre Examination Training for SC/STs:-27-08-2012 to 01-09-2012
Date for Written Examination: 02-09-2012

Download Full Advertisement here:

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Punjab & Haryana High Court Recruitment– Judgment Writer Vacancies:

Punjab & Haryana High Court going to recruit 29 Judgment Writer. Eligible candidates have to apply through prescribed application format on or before 02-08-2012.
Vacancy Details:-

Name of Post: Judgment Writer
Number of Vacancies: 29(General-24, SC/ST/BC-03, Ex-Servicemen-01 and Physical handicapped-01)
Age Limit: 21 years to 30 years.
Pay Scale:- 10300-34800

Educational Qualification: Candidates must possess Bachelor’s Degree in Arts or Science with speed of 120 wpm in English Shorthand and 24 wpm for computer typing.
Application Fee Details: Bank Draft of Rs. 500/- General Category (Rs. 250/- for Reserved category) payable at Chandigarh in favour of The Registrar General, Punjab & Haryana High Court, Chandigarh.

Selection Process: Eligible candidates will be selected on the basis of Personal Interview.
Last Date for Receipt of Application: 02-08-2012

For more details:- Haryana High Court Judgement Writer Download.html

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Mangalsutra – Symbol of Love!

In Indian wedding especially if we talk about Hindu religion this is full of so many customs. Hindu marriage symbolizes not just togetherness of two individuals, but also the bonding of understanding, dedication, and spiritual growth. In the old days traditionally, Hindu marriage is much more than just celebration and enjoyment. It demands equally surrender, companionship, dedication, and devotion from both the partners. Each customs is represents their own sprit about Indian wedding culture. Indian wedding represents the full Vedic culture, the wedding ceremony is going to be completed with “Saat Phere” around the holy fire. After that five essential things becomes marital status of bride which are mangalsutra, sindoor, nose ring, toe ring and bangles. Each of these five signs having a equal significance but the sindoor and mangalsutra hold a special significance for a married Indian woman. The married girl is recognize with her sindoor and mangalsutra.Mangalsutra is not just precious ornament of gold and diamond but it symbolizes her successful and blessed married life& fortune to have a long lived husband. This special ornaments considering a divine power which protect her husband devil and negative powers. Mangalsutra is considered fortunate for married women.

In wedding ceremony around the holy fire after the “saat phere” groom is tie the Mangalsutra around bride neck along with kumkum, which symbolize dignity and love given her groom in the presence of whole world. In this moment she pride herself being a wife of someone and can feel the footprints of responsibility and duties towards her loving husband. After wearing this feeling of single life is ended, the road of happiness, commitment, devotion is starts. It is believes that during the wedding ceremony with specific promises and mantras God shower their blessing to bride and groom. That’s why , Sindoor, mangalsutra, bangles all these becomes the believe and guardian of the wearer for married women. The consent and believe is very strong behind these.

But in the current scenario when nothing is apart from the touch of glamour and modernization the modern generation of Indian girls has added glamour even to the perception of wearing managalsutra also. Now a days breaking old customs and beliefs, today’s girl is going to be professional, working, starts equally walking with her husband so these types of accessories lost their presence somewhere. She is not ready to wear heavy traditional ornaments. Along experiments with other accessories managalsutra designs and pendants are not apart. The trendy designs with spectacular diamond stones the managalsutra becomes more fashionable & vanishing.

But no doubt this lovely ornament will always Symbol of Love & prosperity …….Real feel and proud of Indian women is reflects in the grace of black beads of managalsutra ever……….

Lifestyle fundas share with you some Gorgeous Gold and Diamond Managalsutra Designs .Catch some of Stunning holy Managalsutra!

Gold is evergreen ornament because of its resell value and traditional grace.This lovely Gold managalsutra,with heavy gold work pattern enhance the Indian beauty more..Wearing gold increases personal power, and promotes courage, confidence and willpower. Gold is symbol of wealth & prosperity, in some special occasion heavy necklace sets with the gold Mangalsutra gives you stunning and royal look.
These beautiful designs represent the shine of heavy gold ornaments.Whenever you wear it occasionally in function or festivals ,it surely gives you a unique feel.Long chain will enhance your look more even if you want avoid heavy necklace,you can also carry simple Mangalsutra pendant in simple diligent black beads chain along with matching earrings.This type of Mangalsutra designs gives you more flexible look.
As Diamond jewelry also very popular now a days, specially professional and working girls. Simple diamond mangalsutra helps to maintain the professional attitude as well.Diamond is symbol of love, romance, and commitment.So this type of jewelry is in hot craze for girls and Indian women now a day’s.Diamond managalsutra along with earings are top demands now a days. Catch some of latest buzz here.....

Editor: C.L Chauhan

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