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Mangalsutra – Symbol of Love!

In Indian wedding especially if we talk about Hindu religion this is full of so many customs. Hindu marriage symbolizes not just togetherness of two individuals, but also the bonding of understanding, dedication, and spiritual growth. In the old days traditionally, Hindu marriage is much more than just celebration and enjoyment. It demands equally surrender, companionship, dedication, and devotion from both the partners. Each customs is represents their own sprit about Indian wedding culture. Indian wedding represents the full Vedic culture, the wedding ceremony is going to be completed with “Saat Phere” around the holy fire. After that five essential things becomes marital status of bride which are mangalsutra, sindoor, nose ring, toe ring and bangles. Each of these five signs having a equal significance but the sindoor and mangalsutra hold a special significance for a married Indian woman. The married girl is recognize with her sindoor and mangalsutra.Mangalsutra is not just precious ornament of gold and diamond but it symbolizes her successful and blessed married life& fortune to have a long lived husband. This special ornaments considering a divine power which protect her husband devil and negative powers. Mangalsutra is considered fortunate for married women.

In wedding ceremony around the holy fire after the “saat phere” groom is tie the Mangalsutra around bride neck along with kumkum, which symbolize dignity and love given her groom in the presence of whole world. In this moment she pride herself being a wife of someone and can feel the footprints of responsibility and duties towards her loving husband. After wearing this feeling of single life is ended, the road of happiness, commitment, devotion is starts. It is believes that during the wedding ceremony with specific promises and mantras God shower their blessing to bride and groom. That’s why , Sindoor, mangalsutra, bangles all these becomes the believe and guardian of the wearer for married women. The consent and believe is very strong behind these.

But in the current scenario when nothing is apart from the touch of glamour and modernization the modern generation of Indian girls has added glamour even to the perception of wearing managalsutra also. Now a days breaking old customs and beliefs, today’s girl is going to be professional, working, starts equally walking with her husband so these types of accessories lost their presence somewhere. She is not ready to wear heavy traditional ornaments. Along experiments with other accessories managalsutra designs and pendants are not apart. The trendy designs with spectacular diamond stones the managalsutra becomes more fashionable & vanishing.

But no doubt this lovely ornament will always Symbol of Love & prosperity …….Real feel and proud of Indian women is reflects in the grace of black beads of managalsutra ever……….

Lifestyle fundas share with you some Gorgeous Gold and Diamond Managalsutra Designs .Catch some of Stunning holy Managalsutra!

Gold is evergreen ornament because of its resell value and traditional grace.This lovely Gold managalsutra,with heavy gold work pattern enhance the Indian beauty more..Wearing gold increases personal power, and promotes courage, confidence and willpower. Gold is symbol of wealth & prosperity, in some special occasion heavy necklace sets with the gold Mangalsutra gives you stunning and royal look.
These beautiful designs represent the shine of heavy gold ornaments.Whenever you wear it occasionally in function or festivals ,it surely gives you a unique feel.Long chain will enhance your look more even if you want avoid heavy necklace,you can also carry simple Mangalsutra pendant in simple diligent black beads chain along with matching earrings.This type of Mangalsutra designs gives you more flexible look.
As Diamond jewelry also very popular now a days, specially professional and working girls. Simple diamond mangalsutra helps to maintain the professional attitude as well.Diamond is symbol of love, romance, and commitment.So this type of jewelry is in hot craze for girls and Indian women now a day’s.Diamond managalsutra along with earings are top demands now a days. Catch some of latest buzz here.....

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