Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Give Your Bedroom a Romantic Look !

In our dally life routine considering that we spend a major part of our life in our bedroom, we should make it one of the most comfortable area in our homes. This is the only place where It's where we begin and end our day,". After marriage specially if you are are newly married or are about to enter into the newly wedding harmony, you would definitely want your bedroom to exemplify the romance and love that you feel. As newlyweds, you definitely deserve a bedroom fit for newlywed couple. It should be neat and organized but not at all boring. Because in this beautiful place you are going to be spent special moments of your live. The lovely journey, the first footstep of being soul mate of newlywed is considering the special demands for being a precious moment of your life forever. You can do a lot to increase and maintain the romantic harmonization of your bedroom. Once done, you will beyond doubt not feel the need visit resorts and hotels to enjoy the romantic wisdom. Your bedroom can be the most romantic place in the world. Newlywed Couples room should be like that spells romance and makes you feel good as soon as you pace inside –This is the only a space that enhance your Romantic sense.
Before the wedding ceremony If you can’t afford to renovate your entire house, you should still pay attention to the bedroom because that’s where the magic happens – and you start your new life off on the right foot. in spite of of the size of your budget, you can still make small changes to your bedroom that will make a huge difference in every aspects.

So, what do you need to make your boudoir a cozy love nest? Catch a few tips here….

Be careful about Wall Color :- The color choice of your room s the main thing I guess. Because it spells the first feel when you enter the room. You must be avoid the very hot colors, always use kind of colors which refresh your mood and make you refresh while you enter your bedroom. The wrong selection may spoil your all efforts. Go for wall texture, and soothing light color combo. Couples should discuss with each other and decorate your dream living room with the feelings of love and creativity.
Make it look Enormous with Stunning Bed :- A bed is not only the piece of furniture of your bedroom but a bed can make the romantic vibes of a bedroom, if you are heaving a right choice. Check the comfortable level in priority and then the design and look. The size of the bed does not matter as much as the quality of bedding and bedding accessories such as cushions, pillows and bedspreads. Be careful about the right selection of mattress. Soft bedding will surely enhance your comfortable and the romantic ambiance as well.

Right Choice of Bedding accessories :- The color combination of bedding accessories is not so much multicolored combo. Go for bed sheets of hot colors such as deep reds, purples, rust or royal blue with light detailing in a homogenous color can work magically. Always use best quality cotton bed sheets to keep maintain your health and comfort zone. For special occasions, you can use bed sheets of silk and satin. The smooth feel that the sheets create can shoot the romantic quotient up by several notches. With the right bed sheets and pillow you can easily grasps the speculate moments.

Lighting:-As The right kind of lighting can help to create a romantic atmosphere .The soothing lighting effect can boost up the romantic swings of your mood. Candles can work magically—they are just defining the true sensation of romantic feelings. So much bright bulbs must be avoided. The dim and soft lights are the ideal convent to give your bedroom a complete romantic look. Of course, table and floor lamps are essential.
Furniture and accessories :- Always avoid the unwanted furniture and things that you do not use. Make the bedroom airy and spacious. Ensure that sheets are not stained and the headboard is not dust ridden. The curtains selection showcases all these small efforts help a lot to keep maintain your romantic life.

At last but not least…Romance is very intensely linked with good quality smell. The perfect use of aromatic candles, room fresheners, incense sticks and scented sachets make your bedroom more fun doing! The gentle smell can be great for creating a romantic feel.

Editor: C.L Chauhan



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