Friday, 20 July 2012

Satyamev Jayate : Big Fat Indian Wedding

Dowry System in India

Most of the young people having a dream of a grand lavish wedding but the reality behind these expensive wedding is very bad. It shows the dirty face of dowry .The grand celebration in Indian weddings and the heavy dowry demands sometimes make it worst to girl parents. This dirty dowry system of India making brides' lives miserable and full of sorrow. Dowry system is one of the the biggest menaces of the Indian society. How deeply rooted this system is in the Indian society you can see any time in any Indian wedding where wedding means for brides family is to collect dowry with lots of cash and luxury items. Actually Dowry is like black spot in our face. Sadly the stained systems in our country.

As dowry system is one of the hatred systems in India but surprisingly the fact shows that this business is growing day by day. . Marriage is one of the most blessed and holy ceremonies. But the disgust dowry system has made this ceremony one of the feared institutions. Where girls parents are prepared themselves from her childhood to collect the dowry.

Dowry system is an insult to our society. It placed a mark the position of both man and woman. I have seen so many times that so many educated men are demanding dowry. Thus dowry system is also an insult to our education and culture. Poor people cannot afford dowry. Many handsome and brilliant girls remain unmarried because they are poor. Is it the Culture of Our Holy India?? Is it humanity???

Time has changed today’s girls are well educated her parents spent equal money like their boy child for her education. She makes her own identify. So don’t you people think dowry system is responsible for the degradation of women in India? The groom family expects she must bring the lots of cash and luxury items at the time of her wedding and also demands economically help with her job also. Girl’s parents have spent enough money for her bright future, education and side by side at the name of culture ready to take burden of her dowry. Is it fair with the girl and her family??

The solution is only that we educated people need to take some serious steps, the women should concentrate on their education and career rather than concerning marriage as their only way of rescue. Instead of having their parents run after the men of higher status, the women themselves should increase their own status, so that the men run to them, begging the women to marry them. Need to understand the real meaning of Education and Our Holy Indian Culture in spite of fulfills the demands of these greedy Dogs of Dowry….

I really thanks to Mr. Amir Khan for such a inspiring TV show Satyamev Jayate--

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Editor:- C.L Chauhan