Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Honeymoon - Perfect Beginning to your New Life.

Honeymoon with romantic getaways, a perfect beginning to your new life. Every couple dreams of having the ultimate honeymoon before they get on their wedded journey. In pre-wedding day's the course of planning the wedding, another important event can get overshadowed – i.e. honeymoon. You have spent lots of time on huge preparation for your wedding day but another and most special event you can’t ignore i.e. your honeymoon. Your honeymoon needs to be perfect. So good planning is required to help you have that post-wedding trip of a lifetime.Afterall this is the only time when the newlywed couple apart from whole world enjoying sensational moment of their life alone. You can steal privacy, some space for each other after the crowdy atmosphere and tiredness of wedding with only your lovely honeymoon trip. Honeymoon is all about romance ! It is once-in-a-lifetime vacation for two, marked by minimum stress and maximum pleasure. It entirely gives a newlywed couple remarkable memories forever for the life time.These special days demands the special preparation. Along with your wedding devote your some time to finalize your dream destination also. Bride and groom discuss with each other before wedding or the groom can also plan the special surprise for newlywed bride, which may gives her more delight. This lovely dream destination trip requires a good planning.
Catch a few suggestions that can secure you out of this dilemma!

Collect information: If there is any beautiful place in your mind its good but you should collect the complete information about that, So It is best to ask your friends and family for right advice accordingly decide. Even you should try talking to your fiancée after all it is he/she you would spend the honeymoon with. You can also go for right travel agent advice; help of a travel agent is a right way as they have a lot of discounted offers for such occasions. So make sure about all the factors for the particular place which you are going to planned. Right direction may enhance your honeymoon harmony more !

What‘s Your Choice: Try and understand very well that what you want. It’s not necessary if your parents will plan your honeymoon trip along some religious trips you are ready to accept the same. Discuss to your would-be and decide accordingly. There is so many beautiful places and perfect honeymoon destination like Mauritius, Switzerland, Spain, Australia, Costa Rico, Bali etc. Moreover even in India one can visit beautiful places like Kerala, Himachal, Gantok, Rajasthan etc. The biggest factor is that along with your newlywed partner in every destination you feel as you are in heaven. So try to choose a place with natural beauty so that you cherish this moment for the rest of your life.

Keep alive Romantic Sensations: When you are going to be planned your trip be careful about your budget also, Cut down on everything but not on room where you plan to stay. This is the only place to share romantic sensation with each other. So make sure the preparation for these special moments should be curiously. Lingerie, Body lotion, Massage oil,Belgian chocolates, scented candles all these efforts keeps your magical moments alive for the life time. Don’t forget to give your partner some special honeymoon gift. Try to write self composed poem, or something that your partner always wanted to buy.

Just live these beautiful days as you never live…………

Editor: C.L Chauhan