Saturday, 14 April 2012

Road Ends For MARUTI 800---Car of Decades

Maruti Suzuki “The first & oldest automobile company which brought revolution in automobile sector in INDIA” has announced to shut down his very first model Maruti Suzuki 800 from next month. Maruti 800 was first model which allows Indians to enjoy car feel without too much money spending. It allows peoples to talk about mileage and price. But now this most stylish and revolutionary model is set to drive into history. After its launching in 1983 around 2.7 million units has sold. It bags No.1 tag through number of years in India market and becomes a status symbol too. Maruti 800 was queen of India roads till 2004 but after entering of number of players in market Maruti starts shrink. In last fiscal selling of Maruti 800 is only 2000 units which is far less than 5000 in FY11 and 8000 in earlier. This car was like dream comes true for those who could not afford present cars like Ambassador or Padmini of that time. With regular decline of sales and new norms, by 2010 company had discontinued the selling in 11 major cities including all four metro cities as only Euro IV- compliant model selling would be allowed. But now officials decide to complete shutdown of this great model from Indian market. Officials told that company will launch a new model as a replacement but no detail has been discussed about new model.

Basically there are two major reasons of phasing out Maruti 800—First one is new emission rules which is not fulfilled by Maruti 800 and second biggest reason is its selling which prevent its upgraded version in market. But though the numbers of facts are against Maruti 800 but still it is a No.1 car in every Indian heart. Many of us see ruling Maruti on Indian roads with big smiles on middle class family faces. But Change is rule of nature, so I think according to today’s era it’s time to say Good Bye to Maruti 800 as number of variants are available in market with new advanced features and affordable price so we should catch new ones.

At the end from bottom of my heart bye-bye Maruti 800…

Editor: S.K Singhi