Saturday, 7 April 2012


IPL-Indian premier league is cricket+professional league initiated by BCCI (Board of control for cricket in India) in 2008. IPL concept was conceived by BCCI from English premier league (Football League), to promote and give chances to cricketers but soon it becomes the big business like anything. At the end of fourth season IPL brand value was estimated around $3.67 billion. According to IPL is 2nd highest paid league in all around world. Few days back its 5th addition has been starts and estimated brand value of IPL at the end of this season will be around $4.0 billion.

IPL soon becomes a new era of marketing of sports. Big business people like Vijay Mallya (UB Group) enter in IPL to promote Brand but people like N Srinivasan (India Cement) look IPL as financial investment. IPL is basically a concept of sell cricket as reality show and earn big amount of money in very less time span as movie show.IPL is the first sporting event which was broadcast LIVE on YouTube in 2010.

But Apart from business if we talk about cricket is IPL really a cricket league which promote cricket, frankly says “NO”. Though IPL gives a chance to local cricketer to play with big international cricketers on international format in front of huge crowd and media but still it is not justice with technique and spirit of cricket. Before the start of IPL cricket was played with “Only cricket should win” but after the launch of IPL cricket true spirit died. It becomes a Million Dollar game from a Gentleman Game. IPL is mixture of cricket and showbiz. From the day IPL start it never produce a single player who can play for leads to win. Cricket is treat as religion in India and cricketers as GOD, then in presence of GOD we really needs cheer girls dancing with half nudity??

It is still a big question IPL is cricket necessity or business necessity??

Debate is ON …Result still awaited…

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Editor: S.K Singhi