Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Latest Update - RIGHT TO EDUCATION (RTE) Act

The era of education is going to be change in India as Supreme Court gives full support to RTE(Right to education) on Thursday. By this historical decision, the symphony of students in schools as well as the economics of running schools will change drastically. Honorable Supreme Court directed all schools including private run schools to admit at least 25% children from economically/socially backward class in 2012-13 academic year. These students will get free education from class-I until age of 14. To implement all this private school will get subsidy from govt. This subsidy will be divided into 65-35(center/state) ratio. But biggest question is, Can this subsidy compensate the cost for private school???
According to some experts, Govt. should aid government schools with facilities instead of putting pressure on private schools. Govt. should force employees to put their children in govt. schools instead of high cost private ones. Second big question is system of admission i.e. Lottery system. As all know kind of corruption in India, who will take care of this matter that right and deserving child will get benefit. Center govt. allows state to use their grants but these grants and aids vary from state to state. For illustration, Delhi gives about Rs 1,200 per child per month, while Haryana doesn't give any aid to schools. Some peoples said that private school will hike 75% class fee to compensate the fee of 25% students.RTE is separated into three levels:-

  • • Primary Education: - This shall be compulsory and free for any child regardless of their nationality, gender, place of birth, or any other.

  • • Secondary Education: - Education must be generally available and accessible.

  • • Higher Education: - according to capacity. That is, anyone who meets the necessary education standards should be able to go to university. Overall we can say this is great step to enhance the education status in India. RTE covers right to free, compulsory education for all children till age 14.RTE can overcome discrimination at all levels of education system to set standards and quality improvement.

  • Editor: S.K Singhi



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