Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Wedding Gift of love……!

Wedding is the initiate of a new life…! So many dreams, so many thoughts, so many fear…are end only the one tie knot with your dream partner. This alteration is more complicated than just simply changing to a new last name. Even you don't want to concede it to yourself, but this is the time that you are ready to actually giving up one identity for another. You are going to giving up your figurative individuality as single women. Often most women worry about changing their life style, now they are going to put there footstep in a new life with new expectation of others. This stage in ones life,is the only arena one have experienced, is ending, and a lot of women have a feeling of loss as a chapter in their lives closes.

As a new beginning of life is coming with togetherness and lots of commitment. Wedding is the combination of joy and excitement.In reality all feelings are just normal, all changes in life heaving their own effects.You have to be always allowed yourself to proceed with the changes.Wedding is the most beautiful change in your life that you are going to share your life with someone forever.Enjoy each and every moment and welcome the grace of this stunning beginning.