Friday, 29 June 2012

Simple and Divine Temple Wedding.

In Indian rituals Temples are not only places of worship but also signifies the rich culture of India. They are not only pretentious or over the top but are divine and aesthetic. In the front of God with the full of vedic rituals if you are planning to be tie knot then this will surely good decision. Temple weddings are often chosen by couples who do not wish for a grand celebration but a simple and pious ceremony in the presence of some limited relatives. In today’s time when you are already under the economical crisis some of youngster doesn’t want to misuse of money. So many young couples today are opting for exactly that - minus all the drama. They want to get married in a place that has more charm; they are willing to courageous a few logistical issues to get just such a wedding. And no doubt this type of weddings in India is an extremely pious way of celebration the big wedding day. Any couple would love to initiate the coming life with the showering blessings of God such a holy place.

Temple weddings in India are the perfect way to formalize the most important event in one's life. Weddings ceremony can be both casual and traditionally occur. If you are planning to traditional marriage completely with full of all the customs and rituals then Indian temple weddings are probably the perfect choice for anybody. The temples are regard as very holy and popular wedding venues in India.

So if you have placed your heart on a temple wedding, there are certain things you must keep in mind.

Advance Booking : After the confirmation of wedding date, you should firstly finalize and book the temple asap. You can also take help of professionals and wedding planners. For the right wedding temple venue according to your number of peoples and all.

Decoration and Catering services: Decoration in temple weddings should be very simple, you must use simple flowers avoid the heavy decoration materials. Consult the temple administration regarding the food because you should follow the rules and regulation of temple in this regard. You should go for traditional instrumental music like shehnai and flute to be played during the entire ceremonies.

Dress decently : About your wedding dress,you can dress in a simple and elegant saree or lehenga in which you can feel comfortable and move around easily.Keep save your dazzling outfit for your sparkling wedding reception. You can also go for traditional Indian jewelry which gives you contemporary look as well enhance your beauty more.

Follow all the Rules :You must follow and maintain the decorum of temple so ensure the guests list accordingly. You should plan the guest list little bit manageable and less number of relatives because a temple wedding is a small function. You can invite others for your reception.
Start your new journey with such a holy place with blessings of God…....

Editor: C.L Chauhan