Thursday, 21 June 2012

Engagement--- Journey begins to a new life !

Engagement.. word itself sounds that a new relation is near to begin…Very soon your single life is going to be shared with someone. As Indian weddings are full of elaborate ceremonies and opulent celebrations. The wedding journey is starts from Engagement ceremony. The Engagement Ceremony deals with the exchange of rings between the bride and the groom. Actually Marriage is a blessed bonding which knot together two souls through marital harmony. In the Engagement ceremony when bride and groom exchange their rings they recognize a partner for the lovely journey of life with each other. Engagement is pre wedding function, this ceremony usually held few months before the wedding ceremony. This short time between engagement and marriage is great in every aspect. Every bride and groom when engaged they can feel the amazed feeling of coming life when they start talking, and started to share their feelings, understand likes and dislikes with each other.

The golden days are starts with the showering feelings of wedding days which every girl desire from their childhood. Your dream partner is not your dreams now ! He enters in your real life when you have moved one step ahead with the Engagement ceremony. That means you are now booked. The new life is near to next door, family friends everything is going to be changed now. After the preliminary excitement, many girls soon realize that engagement is one of the most important psychological transitions in their lives. Life is going to be shared with someone, your family atmosphere; everything is going to be changed after marriage. The new faces, new relations are even you have to changed your surname also. Sometimes all these thing makes you sad but the only thing is encourage you at this time ie the face and the feelings for your life partner which turns the big smile on your face in spite of all these fears. One thought of your life partner twists an unexpected emotion of fear, anxiety in to charming feelings of wedding.

Starting a new life with your loved one is full of excitement. That journey is begins with the one Engagement ring only which is the symbol of your love that's given to last a lifetime. Begin successfully next chapter of your life with the right selection of the engagement and wedding ring. The Piece of ring that not only a piece of ornament, but it also a symbol of commitment and faith. Now a day’s diamond and gold rings are in fashion.With the perfection, go for right selection because in this whole world after Engagement, you are not unknown for each other. This small piece of ornament is giving a name to your relation. A unique bonding and deep feeling of this lovely relation has started with this lovely ceremony…..

Lifestyle fundas shared with you some designs of rings as well, begin your new journey with us……..

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This is one of the most desirable day in everyone’s life when stand in front of their life partner with whom they have decided to spend their rest of the life. The amount of information presented in this post made it more creative than it is celebrated before.