Sunday, 17 January 2016

Air Pollution & YOU

Imagine your life like just open the window early morning & breathing fresh air!! Feeling good?? Realty is far away from this. We are living in world of modernization and this modernization transforms our whole environment drastically. Natural world is quite missing from our life. We are living in smog choked cities and you have no idea what kind of gases you are sucking which slowly killing you. 

What are the reasons of Air Pollutions?? 

Simple reason of Air pollution is human’s stupidity & ignorance. Burning of any material, no matter what the reason is, causing air pollution. Traffic, factories, power plants & dust are major factors to pollute our system. We are forced to live in chamber of gases which is directly hitting our body system. There are number of serious problem which occurs only due to air pollution. Some of them are coughing, wheezing, breathing problem, irritation in eyes, throat and nose, asthma, respiratory problems in children, Lung cancer & sometimes heart attack too. As per WHO, millions of people are die prematurely due to pollution only. 

Now we have understood the problem, let’s discuss some points by which we can protect ourselves and can decrease air pollution up to some extent::

  •  Vehicles are major reason in air pollution, so if we drive in smart like cut the engine on traffic lights, join the car pool, ride a bicycle as much as possible, have a regular pollution check of your vehicle.
  •  Use air filtration at your work place and homes.
  •  Try to avoid go out when Pollutions levels are high, stay indoor as much possible.
  •  Use mouth masks every time you go out.
  •  Workout at least 30 minutes for a day.
  •  Avoid indoor burning of any kind of material like wooden sticks etc. Don’t smoke inside rooms and if possible try to send smokers out.
  •  Plant trees as many as possible around your living area.
  •  Have a regular health check up.