Saturday, 9 June 2012

Art of Life---HAPPINESS

In today’s hectic scheduled life happiness is like miracle to everyone. Everybody wants to be happy but no one knows the exact way of happiness. But now you will feel little awkward to know that happiness can come to our life by adding some little things. Here are some little tips which should be added into daily routine for healthy and strong life…

1. Become an early riser: - Early Morning hours are so peaceful so try to rise early and made it a habit. Spare some time to think about you, allow your mind to attain some good thoughts into it. Try to remind yourself all good occasions happened with you. Think that,”Today I am fortunate to have woken up, Thank you GOD for another wonderful day” and enjoy it as much you can.

2. Little Exercise:-Another good habit for healthy life is little exercise at start of the day. Take long gulp of air from nose and release it by mouth. This breathing exercise is really helpful to live tension free throughout a day.

3. Have your breakfast: - Recent scientific research shows that the people who don’t take breakfast, spends whole day with physical and psychological pressure. But who take a healthy breakfast feel fresh and strong whole day.

4. Try to analyze your mental condition:- Whenever you feel pressurized keep your back straight, take long breath, repeat this two or three times. Definitely you will feel better and free from pressure.

5. Take some rest after hard work:- After continuous working on computer, Eyes feel little tired. To escape from this kind of problem close your eyes and put little pressure with palms, repeat this two or three time it will give you instant relief.
6. Laugh:-Laughter is healthiest medicine to cure the mental tension. So laugh as much you can in a day. Instead of watching serious show watch comedy /pleasantry shows.

7. Music:- Music is very good way to release the pressure so whenever you find some spare time, not only listen your favorite songs but try to sing as well. This will release pressure instantly. This is scientifically proven that with singing oxygen flows into body becomes fasten and human body feel pressure free.

These are very small habits which can be added into our life without spending a single penny onto it. But their results will be worthless. LIFE IS A GIFT OF GOD, ENJOY IT.

Editor: S.K Singhi