Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Top 5 Must Have Wedding Picture Poses

Different people and different photographers have different ideas about wedding picture poses. However, there are certain poses that are loved universally. The one thing that every photographer must keep in mind is to suggest poses that bring forth the love and warmth that the couple shares. Here are five wedding poses that should always be a part of every wedding album.

  • The classic sitting pose
  • The classic sitting pose is the must have in any wedding picture album. The bride and groom sit close to each other. Make sure that there is no gap or that the background is not visible in between them. The bride can wrap one arm around the groom’s biceps while the other hand can rest on the shoulder. The bride and groom tilt their heads slightly inwards and towards each other. A simple smile on the lips can complete this picture perfect pose.

  • Variations in the classic standing pose

  • One variation that you can try in the standing pose is to have the groom look at the bride while the bride looks into the camera. Another variation is to have the bride and groom wrap their hands on each other waists with their other hands clasping each other in the front. Heads are slightly tilted towards each other.

  • The hug pose

  • The hug pose is one of the most romantic and sensuous wedding poses that you can have in your wedding album. For this pose, the bride and groom stand facing each other. The bride rests her head on the groom’s chest and the groom hugs her with one hand on the upper back and the other on the waist. The bride has her visible hand on her groom’s shoulder and the other round his waist.

  • Forehead to forehead – both sitting and standing
  • The foreheads of the bride and groom touch in either standing or sitting pose. If they are standing, the bride can slightly tilt her head up and the groom can bend down so that the foreheads meet. The bride can have her hands on the groom’s chest while the groom has his hands round the bride’s waist. Although beautiful, the pose only works when there is not a lot of height difference between the bride and groom. If there is a lot of height difference between the two, you can have the bride and groom sit on steps or a bench. They look at each other and tough foreheads. A huge smile is the most important in this pose.

    Before the photographer begins shooting pictures, make sure that you have had a short rehearsal. Since you might not have a lot of time to experiment on your special day, these rehearsals can be extremely helpful.

    Source: BollywoodShaadis