Thursday, 23 August 2012

Boost the Romance on First Night of Wedding

Wedding is the biggest turning point in everyone life. The dream of caring and lovely life partner is increase your excitement more. If you are near to get married, first night is definitely on your mind.You may be nervous, Passionate yet hesitant or too many questions. There are so many feelings or thoughts in your minds. For that special day of your life so many dreams for every girl and boy.Feelings of romance with your husband or wife in your wedding night give you a different excitement always. The romance and love you have shared on that night is very precious for newlywed couple for life time. An idealistic first night helps the bond better than anything else. It may helps to increase the harmony of happy and successful married life for any couple. So many dreams in your eyes for make your moments more special but the right guidance may helps you more to express your feelings in right direction. Catch a few tips with us..

Just Maintain Comfort Level :- No matter you are boy or girl the hesitation is same for both of you. To express your feelings and open the castle of love is not so easy first time. So always make sure your partner is comfortable with you. Avoid to show over excitement. Just try to feel her comfortable with normal romantic talk firstly. Share your feelings with each other. The feeling of love always starts from heart. Make your memories more memorable with the lovely promises or romantic discussion. Promise to take care of her and to be with her in every walk of life, every moment and every up and down. She will fall doubly in love with you.For brides as weddings naturally make brides shy and soft. Do not try to unwrap the natural feeling. Enjoy being pampered by your groom and let him lead the way.

Do not be in a Hurry :- Dot not show that you are in hurry, as nervousness of being with your wedded partner after days and hours of wedding rituals can drive a person into making hasty moves, which can ruin the fun of the first night. Welcome her to your life; say something special with lots of love. Take some time, in the mean time you can enjoy the blushing face of your newlywed bride. Just feel and enjoy the shyness, innocence of her. That how she talks to you, actually what she wants? Relax her, make her feel secure and comfortable with small hug.

Bond to the Traditions :- Today’s youngster may not be the traditional. You are probably not the traditional type. But for your wedding, make an effort and stick to traditions. This is especially true for the brides who desperately wait to change into their nightgowns from their traditional sarees or lehngas. Do not do so. Do you know that?? A man can be more seductive or sensuous to see you in complete bridal look with traditional Lehnga or heavy ornaments. Whole traditional ensemble may impress your husband more. Give him the pleasure of lifting your veil. There is something very sensuous about it.

Exchange Memorable Gifts:- It is also an tradition for the groom to gift her bride for the first night make her more memorable. Usually it’s says that gift of this night always precious for her for life time. I think same case vice versa with the groom also. I am sure he also always feel a cheerful smile to see the wedding night gift. So make these moments more expensive with the right selection of gifts. No need to go for heavy expensive gifts you need to just need it unique.

Do not worry :- All the pre wedding talk with your friends or anybody makes you nervous. Remember that from now onwards you are true mate with eachother for the whole coming nights of your life this is just the beginning. So not try to ruin the natural fun with your stupid activities. Relax in each other company. Small Hugs and kisses can set the wonderful mood. The rest follows as a natural progression. Do not experiment on your first night and mess up the fun. Just give in to the moment and let your feelings and the natural sensations lead the way……