Monday, 20 August 2012

What Women Want in Bedroom but Never Say

The relationship of husband and wife is very beautiful relation in this world. The depth of this amazing relation is near to impossible to measure. The very important part of this relation is spent in their bedroom with the romantic blossom moments where the relation is step by step get enclosed with the true bonding of love. No doubt good communication is very essential for couples for its strong bonding and ever-lasting success, but since the evolution of humankind, men have been working their brains too hard to understand what his lovely partner wants. Some women might be feeling shy or difficult to talk with their partner that what they actually want in bed. In addition, the effects of not talking to your partner about your wishes, desires, likes and dislikes, needs, and wants in bed can be very harmful, not only to your relationship but also to your emotional, mental, and physical health. Sometimes you might feel that you understand women in bed but may be there is a something different going in her mind. Actually it your job only to make her more comfortable with you, that she can speak her desires with you. If you are successfully done means your partner is fully satisfied with the true romantic sexual life she would worship you like anything. Some small things you should know that how to treat your dream partner at the time of magical moments so that she just fully dedicate herself to you only not only with her body but mentally and emotionally just like a true bonding of souls.

Catch a few delightful tips with us:

Make her feel special:- Every women is love to get pampered in every aspects and areas. But especially in her bedroom she mostly likes to get pampered. You not only need to pamper her physically but emotionally as well. I think for every women, a complete sensuous experience is very important at that time. While you are in enjoying your romantic moments, you should make sure to compliment her. Praise her looks, her body, the way she talks and the way she makes you feel in bed, and ask her silently for her desire in your own way.

Foreplay is Very Important:- After the romantic talks of yours you should try in between to seduce her she surely like touch of yours emotionally as well as physically. A whole lot of caressing can give women immense pleasure, be it caressing their lips or their body. This type of movement not only gives her physical pleasure but increase her romantic senses a lot. You need to increase the time of foreplay so that she can enjoy more. Plus, you should not only caress the most obvious parts of her body, but also give her that touchy feeling at her neck or behind her ears with the emotionally feelings.

Try something different : Not only men but also women must try to something different. You must break your hesitation to enjoy the true romantic and important part of your lives. You should not hesitate about your dress up and look at that time. Don’t hesitate to bring in that extra fun element while you are in bed with your partner. Women also love experimenting as much as men do or maybe more.

Love making is an art and you can master it with some time and effort………..