Thursday, 6 September 2012

Premature ejaculation---A Common Problem for Men

Pre mature ejaculation is most common problem among men; it is basically the uncontrolled ejaculation before he or his partner wish. This leads to unsatisfied sexual relations and sometime causes problems in married life too. It is most common problem in men which affect every man at some point of lifetime. Moreover he feels a shame to talk about his friends which leads him towards more frustration of his life. Let’s try to find some factors which cause this and cure of this problem.

Understanding of Pre ejaculation:- Remember one thing SEX is basically of three stages, Stage One is of foreplay when you start to have physical contact with her, anxiety of both partners starts to increase and you penis got erection without any physical touch. Stage two start from when you are moving to vagina and anxiety level reach to maximum which is best stage, but unfortunately most of miss the second stage and jumps to third stage which is near to end of sex. So basically we need to increase time span in stage two to enjoy most amazing moment of lifetime.

Reason behind Premature ejaculation: - Exact reason behind this is uncertain. It varies from case to case. With sexual experience and age factor many men know how to control ejaculation. It may occur with new partner if it will be long time for last ejaculation. Some psychological reasons are mental stress, depression, anxiety etc. Some more factors come into existence like performance in bed, penis size and inexperience.

Treatment: - In most of cases there is no need for any medicine or treatment for Premature Ejaculation, it resolves on its own with some time. Some techniques like yoga, exercise are effective in this. Premature ejaculation is psychological ill rather than physical. So all exercise will help you to reduce mental stress and increase your muscle power.

In last we can say reason behind premature ejaculation is mental stress. Do have health food be stress free, timely go to bed and be early riser, have daily routine of exercise are best techniques to avoid this. There are no medicines which can cure it better than you so trust yourself and your partner too. She should understand it too so do not put extra pressure on your partner.

Enjoy your married life with complete understanding with each other and lots of love.

Stay healthy---keep smiling....