Saturday, 1 September 2012

Men’s Wardrobe--SHORTS

Most of the Men would like comfort in clothing specially when relax time is on, so Shorts are much loved piece of clothing. Shorts are most important part in men’s attire due to comfort. But major point is to find ones which suits your body. Shorts should buy with special attention like other garments.

How to pick suitable shorts:-Choose your short one having length to upper part of knees if you are having longer stature and, Vice versa for shorter stature, Length of your short should be more enough to expose your knees, it will suits your personality well enough.

How Loose should shorts be: - Bagginess of shorts is matter of taste but only to some extent. Worth point to keep in mind is that, Shorts will cover only upper part of your legs. Baggier your shorts, thicker will be your look which will make you butts and thighs look heavy. Heavier look is not good in present era. So a close fit should be preferable.

Add on with Shorts:- Shorts are best suited with T-shirts only. Do avoid all kurtas or shirts with shorts. Shirts with shorts are not good style. Wear shoes/sandals without socks is good choice. Hat/Cap is another ad on with shorts.

Avoid Jeans shorts:- Jeans shorts are never for men, But it again depends upon taste of yours. For jeans shorts length should be to the knees.

Shorts bring comfort for men but girls find it really erotic. So I love shorts not only for soothe, my would be wife finds me more sexy in this. Hope you find some useful tips from this article.

Stay healthy –Keep enjoying….

Editor:- S.K Singhi