Saturday, 1 September 2012

Tips for TIP TOP Teeth.

Our 32 chunk in mouth not only help in talk & chew but it plays an important role in our appearance. These pearls should be in perfect state to enjoy every taste of life. Here are some perfect tips to keeps these worthless parts into tip top situation.

Visit your dentist regularly: - Dentist visit in regular intervals is must. Time span is based on your teeth. It may be three months, six months or one year also. First dental visit should be start at age of 1.

Use high quality toothpaste: - Always use high quality toothpaste which should have at least 1000ppm fluoride in it. Toothpaste like Colgate has lots of scientific evidence into it which really helps your teeth germs free.

Change your toothbrush regularly:-Always use high quality toothbrush with soft nylon bristles and change it before bristle starts worn. There are number of toothbrush present in market which have indicators on them to know when to change the brush.

Avoid sugary food & snacks:- Avoid sugary and snack food as much you can because this may leads to germs in very fast rate. Please adapt other healthy alternates like vegetables, cheese and fresh fruits. Do brush immediately after eating or drinking foods.

Clean your tongue: - Do clean your tongue daily with help of good quality tongue cleaner to avoid tongue plaque. This tongue plaque is one of major reason for bad breath. According to doctors tongue cleaner is better option of tongue clean rather than using brush as tongue cleaner.

Use of baking soda & apple cider vinegar: - Do use baking soda once in week for brushing to avoid stains and whiten the teeth. You can use apple cider vinegar for gargle purpose, it is also used to remove stains from complete mouth and make it germs free.

Stop all bad habits: - Avoid all bad habits like smoking and tobacco usage. All items which have tobacco affect your teeth like anything. Please stop all bad habits.

Apart from all these, there are number of small tips like protect your teeth during any sports, brush twice a day, are there. But best is precaution, because precaution is best safety as we all know.

Stay healthy—Keep smiling.

Editor:- S.K Singhi